Dorrabay Dubai

The Challenge

Developing a consolidated tourism product and rental system in a rapidly growing and changing market: Signallia Group determines strong market options in securing a popular location, guiding purchasing post construction, and leveraging into apartment rental operations.

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The Solution

Project opportunity: Obtain space in an up and coming area in Dubai

Method: After running analytics on the growth of the city, finding an under-priced but high-quality area of the city that would capture growth from future growth plans. Dubai has seen major changes over the last decade as massive construction projects have been planned and come to fruition, while some have been cancelled. After identifying the area of JBR Dubai Marina, Signallia advised the purchase of several floors of a tower.

Skills: Working with residents association as a minority owner within the building; working with tourism agencies to provide exceptional service and tour options to clients; working with government in securing a licence for apartment rentals; managing a volatile property and tourism market.

Future opportunities: As Dubai continues to grow at breakneck speed, more and more property owners will become interested in apartment leasing options to monetize their existing inventory. Signallia is well placed to work with these owners on a smaller scale, having the experience to negotiate the legislative environment, as well as deal with stakeholders including developers, owners associations, and companies.


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